LED Light Kit for Ostrich Wing Awning


The LED Light Kit for Ostrich Wing Awning is a 1 meter, 60 LED light strip that will slide into the slot on the lower surface of one of the Awning frames.

The separate screw-plug harness is attached and plugged into a 12v power source. The harness is equipped with standard cigarette light socket plug and has a weather-proof touch switch that glows in the dark. A croc-clip harness is supplied to attach directly to a battery, with a 5 metre long power cord.

With a choice of white or orange light (or a combination of both) at the touch of a switch, it is a “no brainer” addition for your Awning.

This LED Light strip can be easily fitted onto other Awning brands, not only the Ostrich Wing Awning.

Big Country 4×4 Australia are now the official distributor of this product. Enquire today for availability.  

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 300 mm