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EASY TO SETUP IN 2 minutes

The Bunducube is the easiest most rigid, shower cubicle on the market!

Can be used as a Shower, Toilet or Changeroom Cubicle.

Made from 230gsm Alias – the same quality features as the Bunutop Electric Tent. Unzip, roll down, pull out, click-lock 3 sides offers rigidity in windy conditions. 

Dimensions: 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.75m high.

Weight: 5.5kg, manually operated.

BunduCube $599 


The Added Room

The Bundutec Extra Room is purpose designed to spread the load evenly across the top and bottom halves of the tent.

It provides shade, shelter and privacy over the ladder and entrance to the Bundutop.

THE ADDED ROOM is a unique annexe with reflective roof to help repel the sun.

Once fitted, it raises and lowers with the roof making pack up and set up a breeze.

The complete kit comes with a full wall panel with screen window to give you complete privacy over the ladder and works a treat as a change room/privacy area.

Can be retro fitted to any existing Bundutop in either standard or king size.

The Dimensions are 2m x 1.5m

The Added Room $899 

Rooftop Tent Hoist and Canopy Hoist

The Bundutec Rooftop Tent and Canopy Hoist is designed for the easy removal of your Rooftop Tent or Canopy.

The all new Rooftop and Canopy hoist is here and in stock in now!

The South African designed and built Bundutec Rooftop Tent Hoist can lift 200kg when correctly mounted to your garage, carport or shed roof.

This product manufactured with high quality all steel gears.

Now you can easily remove or install any brand of rooftop tent and awning by yourself. The rooftop hoist will also lift most brands of canopies.

Rooftop Tent and Canopy Hoist $499 

WA EXPERTS Telescopic Ladder ​


This ladder extension is perfect for raised vehicles and is modified to best suit the Bundutec Rooftop Tent.

This telescopic ladder is a great replacement to the standard supplied Bundutec Ladder. Lightweight, compact and and saves on storage space when not in use.

Extended Size: 2.3m H x .46m W 
Storage Size: .7m H x .46m W
Weight: 8kg

WA Experts Telescopic Ladder  $375

All prices are based on pick-up from our warehouse in Forrestdale.

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