Transcool E3 – 12 Volt Portable Air Cooler


No Gimmicks or bling…..just cool powerful air delivery.

The all new Transcool E3 evaporative air conditioning unit is lightweight, compact and energy efficient. An environmentally friendly option, our dual voltage 12/24 volt evaporative coolers can work with or without water.

This cooling system can be used anywhere you have a 12, 24v dc or 110/240 volt electricity -at home or on the move.

The E3 evaporative air cooling system features dual voltage circuitry which allows the Transcool evaporative cooler to be used with both 12 or 24 volts DC power (vehicle battery) or 110/240 AC voltage (household electricity) using the Free 100-240v transformer supplied.

The E3 evaporative air conditioner unit features a Variable Fan Speed control, giving you a full range of fan speeds between ‘OFF’ to ‘HIGH’ Speed -and everywhere in between!

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An evaporative air cooling system that’s portable and power efficient
The E3 evaporative air conditioner unit also features ‘LOW BATTERY VOLTAGE CUTOFF’ circuitry- reducing the risk of flat batteries!

A fantastic companion to provide you or your pets with a beautiful cool breeze while at work, rest or play.

An effective portable evaporative cooler unit for use in your caravan, camper, tent, RV, truck sleeper bunk, boat or 4WD.

Designed and constructed in Australia using local and imported components.

Light weight, compact, robust, and Low current draw

Use with ice or water, or as a fan WITHOUT water!

24 month warranty

What it won’t do!

Be very wary when considering cheaper portable evaporative coolers with misleading claims of being able to ‘cool your room for pennies’!

Please remember that Transcool (or any other brand 12 volt evaporative cooler) won’t necessarily cool down an entire room, car or cabin to ‘x’ degrees like a refrigerated split system Air Conditioner that require mains power electricity or engine driven compressors to operate!

It is a personal ‘spot cooler’ to provide personal relief by blowing cool air over the user whilst in front of the unit-A great comfort when things get hot!

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Big Country 4×4 Australia are now the official distributor of this product. Enquire today for availability.  

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The Transcool E3 portable air cooler

  • Use with 12 volt, 24 volt or 240 volt power.
  • Low -0.7 Amps (8 Watts)
  • High -1.7 Amps (21 Watts)
  • Compact- Length – 240mm, Height – 220mm, Width – 220mm
  • Lightweight 1.9 kg weight
  • Powerful moisture proof electric fans with 70,000+ hours life span
  • Power fan capable of moving over 6.89m3/min (240 CFM) of air at a velocity of over 10.83 m/s (2187 ft/m)
  • Can deliver air up to 50% cooler (at the vent) than ambient air temperature (when using ice water)*
  • Durable evaporative filter pad with increased air velocity & life span (500+ hours)
  • Easy fill slide lid with overfill protection
  • 4 Directional air vents
  • Variable speed fan
  • Baffled for use in moving vehicles
  • 3 metre power lead with plug for cigarette lighter socket
  • Fan noise level generally equivalent to your average car air conditioner
  • 24 month warranty (excluding filter pads and external water tank)
  • Condensation build up is not an issue using Transcool with adequate ventilation
  • Worldwide Warranty Service Centers

Weight 1.9 kg
Dimensions 240 × 220 × 220 mm

White, Black